Thomas Schelling
(1921 - 0)
Area of specialisation
Game Theory
Price Motivation
For having enhanced our understanding of conflict and co-operation through game theory analysis
Affiliation at the time of Award
University of Maryland, Department of economics and School of public policy, college park, MD, USA.
1 A creative application of game theory to important social, political and economic problems. Showed that a party can strengthen its position by overtly worsening its own options, that the capability to retaliate can be more useful than the ability to resist an attack and that uncertain retaliation is more credible and more efficient than certain retaliation. These insights have proven to be of great relevance for conflict resolution and efforts to avoid war
1 National Income Behaviour :An Introduction To Algebraic Analysis (1951) 2 The strategy of conflict (1960) 3 Strategy and arms control (1961 4 Thinking Through The Energy Problems (1979)